Top Royal Tourist Attractions in Ireland

Dublin Castle in Ireland Dublin Castle in Ireland

Ireland is often overlooked when it comes to its royal connection.

One of the most visited Royal Tourist Attractions is Dublin Castle, which was built as a Norman courtyard design fortification in the 18th century. It was built on the site of a castle that had been there during the reign of King John in 1204. It was the seat of British Rule in Ireland right up to 1922.

There were some major refurbishments and the castle is a major tourist attraction and is also used as a conference centre. Unless there is a state function on, Dublin castle is usually open to the public. The Georgian courtyard has the dominant feature of the Bedford Tower and the gates of Fortitude and Justice. This is where the royal jewels were stolen in 1907.

The Record Tower is the only part from the old castle left and dates from 1228. The rest of the medieval buildings were demolished after a fire in 1673. The Chapel Royal crypt now functions as an arts centre. A carved head of a saint can be seen at the chapel.

From time to time concerts are held in the grounds of the Castle. You can visit the State Apartments, where official Irish government engagements are held. The state apartments also include Saint Patrick's Hall. This is by far the most opulent and also the oldest room in the castle and it is here that Irish Presidents are inaugurated.

The State Dining Room is the oldest chamber in Dublin Castle. It has most of its original furnishings. The regally decorated Throne Room used to be called the Battleaxe Hall in the mid-18th century. It still contains a throne for King George IV when he visited Ireland in 1821.

There is a craft shop and Heritage centre. Refreshments can be enjoyed at a coffee shop and restaurant. Please note that the Castle is sometimes closed for state business.

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